Boka Battleships

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Battleship is a strategy game where two enemy players attempt to destroy each others' fleets, by guessing the position of their enemy's ships. Boka Battleships is a Macintosh implementation of this classic strategy game. It includes 7 different levels of computer opponents (4 if unregistered), ranging from 'Little Johnnie' to 'The Grand Master'. It also allows two human opponents to play each other, either on the same computer or two Mac OS X computers connected by a Local Area Network.

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Version: 2.2; Release Date: December, 2006
License: Shareware (Free to try); Price: US $5
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Notice to existing license-holders: If you have purchased a license for Boka Battleships before December 2005 and have not yet received your new registration code, please send an email to

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OS Version  Requires
Classic Mac OS 7.0 or later; 256 colors or more
Mac OS X Any Macintosh capable of running Mac OS X

Version History

Version Date Changes
1.0 April, 1999 The Original.
1.1 July, 1999 A 'Shoot Until Miss' style game was added. Two player mode was changed so that there were no 'Hide/Show Ships' messages during play.
1.2 August, 2000 Added native PowerPC code.
1.3 July, 2002 Carbonized for Mac OS X. Random button for random placement of ships. Option to use classic fleet.
2.0 December, 2005 Larger graphics. Network play for the Mac OS X version. Preference setting for randomizing first turn. Number of ships left displayed next to the player name. Status bar showing whose turn it is.
2.1 August, 2006 Hidden ships are now revealed at the end of the game. The keyboard can now be used to enter a guess. Shortcut keys for the Done and Random buttons. Bug fixes for the Connect to Server dialog (under Mac OS X).
2.2 December, 2006 Added option to prevent adjacent ships. Added option to have from two to five shots per turn. Added 'Puzzle' fleet type. Some modifications to the AI opponents.