Boka Darts

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Boka Darts is a freeware game. It is available for Mac OS X and Classic (Mac OS 7 or later). You can the play following Dart games: '01; Round The Clock; Bowls; or a Practice Session. You can play against a friend or one of 5 computer opponents.

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Version: 2.0; Release Date: July, 2002
License: Freeware

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OS Version  Requires
Classic Mac OS 7.0 or later; 256 colors or more
Mac OS X Any Macintosh capable of running Mac OS X

Version History

Version Changes
1.0 The Original.
2.0 Complete rewrite. Changes include: support for both Mac OS X and Classic; computer opponents added; new Bowls type of game; New Game dialog defaults to the previous game; user can now cancel aiming by pressing the Escape key; more preferences.
2.0.1 (Classic only) Navigation, Appearance and ContextualMenu libraries are now weak linked. This fixes a bug when used on PPC Macs running versions of Mac OS older than 8.5.